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85 ChatGPT Prompts for SEO

On this page, you’ll find our list of ChatGPT prompts for SEO (search engine optimization).

We’ve gathered these prompts from industry experts and successful businesses that are currently using ChatGPT’s capabilities for optimizing search engines.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO marketer or a small business owner exploring the potential of AI, this list of prompts will help you improve your SEO efforts. 

The SEO prompts for ChatGPT are organized by category. Click on each of the links below to navigate. 


Keyword Research and Intent

SEO Planning and Strategy

Content Creation and Optimization

Technical SEO

Backlinks and Site Analysis

Tools and Techniques

Keyword Research and Intent1. Generate a list of X popular questions related to [keyword], that are relevant for [audience].
Keyword Research and Intent2. Generate a list of keywords related to the phrase: [keyword phrase].
Keyword Research and Intent3. Generate a list of keywords related to: [insert text here], including long-tail and high-performing keywords.
Keyword Research and Intent4. List long-tail queries related to [keyword phrase].
Keyword Research and Intent5. Act like an SEO and e-commerce expert/specialist and list long-tail queries related to [keyword phrase].
Keyword Research and Intent6. Act like SEO experts Brian Dean and Neil Patel and generate a list of questions I can target with my blog posts around [your topic]. Questions should include variations of these keywords: [keyword 1] [keyword 2].
Keyword Research and Intent7. Identify [number] long-tail keyword variations for [your main product or service].
Keyword Research and Intent8. As an SEO specialist, analyze [your main keyword] and its semantic variations. What opportunities can you identify?
Keyword Research and Intent9. Use your expertise in SEO to list out potential synonyms and LSI keywords for [your main keyword].
Keyword Research and Intent10. Act like an SEO expert and generate a list of high volume, low competition, high transactional intent long-tail keywords related to the phrase: [insert keyword phrase].
Keyword Research and Intent11. Generate a list of related keywords to increase topical authority around [keyword].
Keyword Research and Intent12. Identify popular search terms related to [product/service] in [location].
Keyword Research and Intent13. Generate a list of keywords and phrases to target for YouTube SEO related to [keyword].
Keyword Research and Intent14. Identify the top ranking keywords for [competitor’s website].
Keyword Research and Intent15. Analyze search intent for the keyword [keyword] and suggest subtopics to cover in a blog post.
SEO Strategy and Planning1. Act like an SEO strategist and tell me the most important things I need to do for my business, which offers [your products and services] to increase our presence in organic search.
SEO Strategy and Planning2. Propose a strategy to leverage local SEO for your business.
SEO Strategy and Planning3. Act like an SEO expert and outline a comprehensive keyword strategy to target a niche audience of [your audience].
SEO Strategy and Planning4. Based on your understanding of SEO, identify trends in [your industry] and provide insights on how to capitalize on them.
SEO Strategy and Planning5. Develop a step-by-step plan to recover from a manual Google penalty.
SEO Strategy and Planning6. How would you adjust your SEO strategy to better account for voice search trends?
SEO Strategy and Planning7. Recommend ways to improve social media SEO for [business/brand].
SEO Strategy and Planning8. Describe an effective SEO strategy for a new eCommerce site selling [product].
SEO Strategy and Planning9. Propose a plan to improve international SEO for [website].
SEO Strategy and Planning10. Develop an SEO strategy to improve online reputation for [business/brand].
SEO Strategy and Planning11. Analyze the effect of recent Google algorithm updates on [your website’s] SEO performance.
SEO Strategy and Planning12. Propose an SEO strategy to capitalize on upcoming trends in [industry].
SEO Strategy and Planning13. Describe a plan to create a hub and spoke content strategy around [main keyword].
SEO Strategy and Planning14. Create a content refresh plan to improve the SEO of existing articles on [your website].
Content Creation and Optimization1. Expand on this list and act like a [your target buyer] looking for [your product or service]. What are some other questions you would want to know before buying?
Content Creation and Optimization2. Generate titles for your page content.
Content Creation and Optimization3. Generate meta descriptions for your page content.
Content Creation and Optimization4. Create an optimized title and meta description for [description of your product, service, blog post, etc.].
Content Creation and Optimization5. Create a pillar content strategy around [your main topic].
Content Creation and Optimization6. Identify [number] potential topics for your next Skyscraper content piece about [your industry].
Content Creation and Optimization7. Develop a content calendar for my blog [url] about [topic], taking into account keyword research and SEO best practices.
Content Creation and Optimization8. What additional multimedia elements (videos, images, infographics) could you create to enhance your content’s value?
Content Creation and Optimization9. List [number] ways you can repurpose this existing content for other channels or formats: [insert content].
Content Creation and Optimization10. Provide an outline for a comprehensive SEO report I can present to my team.
Content Creation and Optimization11. Provide a list of blog topics related to [keyword] for a B2B audience.
Content Creation and Optimization12. Generate an engaging introduction for a blog post titled “[Blog Title]”.
Content Creation and Optimization13. Suggest a series of “How-to” blog post titles around [keyword] to help guide potential customers.
Content Creation and Optimization14. How would you optimize an existing piece of content to better align with the keyword [keyword]?
Technical SEO1. List [number] ways to improve site speed.
Technical SEO2. Describe the main steps to ensure your website is technically sound for SEO.
Technical SEO3. Create a list of actionable steps to optimize my website for mobile-first indexing.
Technical SEO4. What are the key SEO considerations when planning a site redesign or migration?
Technical SEO5. Create an actionable plan for improving the Core Web Vitals scores on my website.
Technical SEO6. Give a step-by-step guide to setting up Google Search Console for my new website.
Technical SEO7. Create a schema markup strategy for your website’s pages.
Technical SEO8. Outline key steps to optimize my website for Google’s mobile-first indexing.
Technical SEO9. Identify potential technical SEO issues on [your website] and suggest improvements.
Technical SEO10. List [number] of key technical SEO metrics to monitor regularly.
Technical SEO11. Describe how to perform an SEO audit for a website.
Technical SEO12. List potential technical SEO issues that can arise from a website redesign.
Technical SEO13. How would you improve site navigation for better SEO and user experience?
Technical SEO14. Provide a checklist for technical SEO considerations for a new website launch.
1. Analyze the top 10 search results for [your main keyword]. What patterns do you notice?
Backlinks and Site Analysis2. Identify the main SEO competitors for [your industry]. What are they doing well that you can learn from?
Backlinks and Site Analysis3. What are the most shared articles in [your industry]? What makes these articles popular?
Backlinks and Site Analysis4. Conduct a backlink analysis for [your website]. Which types of sites are linking to you?
Backlinks and Site Analysis5. List [number] potential sites to approach for guest posting opportunities in [your industry].
Backlinks and Site Analysis6. Create a link-building campaign focused on acquiring high-quality backlinks for my site about [topic].
Backlinks and Site Analysis7. How would you improve the user experience on your website to decrease bounce rate?
Backlinks and Site Analysis8. Provide a list of strategies for leveraging user-generated content for SEO for a business selling [your product or service]?
Backlinks and Site Analysis9. Classify the following list of keywords based on their search intent: [keywords for your product or service].
Backlinks and Site Analysis10. Cluster a list of keywords based on their semantic relevance.
Backlinks and Site Analysis11. Outline an approach to measure and track the success of your SEO efforts over time.
Backlinks and Site Analysis12. Describe a strategy to get high-quality backlinks from .edu and .gov websites.
Backlinks and Site Analysis13. Develop a plan to reduce and disavow toxic backlinks for [website].
Backlinks and Site Analysis14. How to effectively incorporate internal linking into your SEO strategy?
Tools and Techniques1. Which tools and techniques would you use to conduct effective keyword research for a business selling [your product or service]?
Keyword Tools and Techniques2. Describe how to use Google’s Keyword Planner for keyword research.
Keyword Tools and Techniques3. Explain how to use SEMRush for finding new keyword opportunities.
Keyword Tools and Techniques4. Outline a process for using Ahrefs to conduct competitor keyword analysis.
Keyword Tools and Techniques5. Explain the benefits of using a tool like Moz for SEO.
Keyword Tools and Techniques6. How would you use Google Trends to identify seasonal keyword trends?
Tools and Techniques7. Describe how to use AnswerThePublic for question keyword research.
Tools and Techniques8. Outline a process to use Ubersuggest for keyword analysis.
Tools and Techniques9. How would you use Google’s “People Also Ask” feature for keyword research?
Tools and Techniques10. Explain how to use the Google Search Console for improving your keyword strategy.
Tools and Techniques11. How can I use SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to improve my keyword research?
Tools and Techniques12. What strategies and tools would you use to find long-tail keywords relevant to my business?
Tools and Techniques13. Describe a process to identify high-value keywords using Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer.
Tools and Techniques14. How to use Google’s Search Console to identify underperforming keywords and improve their ranking?