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34 of the Best AI Tools for Content Marketing (Other Than ChatGPT)

ChatGPT gets most of the hype these days but there are so many other great AI tools for content marketing available now that it’s hard to keep track of ’em all.

That’s why I created this list of some of the best tools for content marketers that I’ll be updating on-the-regular. 

Couple quick notes before we jump in …  

Methodology: For the review star ratings, I aggregated all reviews from the top search results in Google for each tool. This included websites like Product Hunt, Capterra, G2, Gartner, as well as reviews from individual creators, business owners, etc. Note this is a simple average and doesn’t account for the weight of each review (e.g., number of reviews on each platform, credibility of the source, etc.). 

Advice: What has worked for me and what I’ve seen other successful creators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs recommend is to try a bunch of tools (most of them offer a free trial period) and then narrow down your list to 2-3.

‘Cuz more than this can get overwhelming real quick. The last thing you want is tool overload. You have a business to grow!

Disclosure: There are a handful of affiliate links below … gotta feed my kids somehow! 😉

All Tools (Click/Tap to Navigate)

Tool NameCategoryProduct DescriptionCost / PricingReview Star Rating (out of 5)Product Website

Content CreationAI platform for creating ad content.$29/month +4.06Product Website

AI Writer

Content CreationPlatform for generating content using AI.$49/month +3.9 (note: small sample size)Product Website

Article Forge

Content CreationAI-powered platform for generating articles and content.$27/month and up4.04Product Website

Presentation Content CreationAI-powered tool for creating visually appealing presentations.$12/month +3.76Product Website

Browse AI

Web ScrapingAI tool for scraping web pages and extracting relevant information.$19/month +4.43Product Website


Graphic Content CreationDesign platform for creating visuals, presentations, social media graphics, and more.$10/month +4.51Product Website


ChatbotsMessaging platform tailored for e-commerce marketers, integrating with ChatGPT for real-time notifications and personalized messaging.$14.99/month +4.56Product Website


Project / Task ManagementAll-in-one platform for task management, docs, goals, and chat.$7/month +4.63Product Website


Content CreationAdvanced AI tool for generating creative content, from blog posts to ad copies, with multiple customization options.$49 / month4.4Product Website


Content CreationAI tool for crafting content.$35/month +4.67Product Website


Content CreationAI-driven SEO copywriting tool.$14.99/month +4.83Product Website


Content AnalysisPlatform for understanding digital experiences, offering insights into user behavior.$300/month +4.36Product Website


Content EditingAI-powered writing assistant that checks for grammar, punctuation, and style errors.$15/month +4.57Product Website


Content CreationAll-in-one content writing and SEO tool designed to optimize content for search engines and improve organic traffic.$79 – $249 / month4.78Product Website


Landing Page CreationAI tool for creating optimized landing pages and content.$59/month +4.14Product Website

Ink for All

Content CreationAI writer with features like paraphrasing, SEO optimization, and a well-designed UI.$49/month +4.78Product Website

Jasper AI

Content Writing & AnalysisAdvanced AI copywriting tool with features for content optimization and generation.$49/month +4.71Product Website


Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing tool leveraging AI to predict post performance.$39/month +4.51Product Website


Video Content CreationAI tool for creating voiceovers for videos.$29/month +4.41Product Website


Content Creation & WorkflowAll-in-One AI content creation and workflow platform.$52/month and up4.64Product Website

Neural Text

Content CreationFree AI tool for copywriting and content generation.$19/month +4.51Product Website

Transcription & LanguageAI transcription service offering real-time voice transcription for meetings, lectures, and interviews.$10-20/month Free plan available4.03Product Website


Content CreationComprehensive content strategy platform that aids in creating SEO-optimized content.$59 – $99 / month4.6Product Website


Content CreationAI-driven virtual content assistant.$399/month +4.6Product Website


Podcast Content CreationPlatform for podcast creation and editing.$11.99/month +4.3Product Website


Content CreationAI-driven platform for content creation, offering powerful AI commands and SEO optimization.$39 – $149 / month4.8Product Website

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Content CreationSEO writing assistant tool integrated with Semrush.$129/month +4.1 (note: small sample size)Product Website


Content CreationCreative platform for content creation, design, video, and more.$11 – $299/month, depending on which tools you want4.76Product Website

Surfer SEO

SEO Content Writing & AnalysisSEO writing tool that analyzes top-ranking pages to determine optimal keywords and topics.$69/month +4.84Product Website


Video Content CreationAI-driven platform for creating professional-looking videos without cameras or studios.$30/month +4.05Product Website


Content CreationFlexible AI writing platform with various content generation features.$10/month +4.45 (note: limited reviews)Product Website

Content AnalysisAI-powered platform for generating content, including product descriptions, blog post titles, and more.$18/month +4.47Product Website


Content CreationAI-powered platform offering content generation for ads, product descriptions, and more, with a focus on SEO optimization.$19/month and up, depending on use and plan4.8Product Website


Project / Task ManagementTool for automating tasks and workflows by connecting different apps and services.Free up to 100 tasks/month. Then $20/month +4.76Product Website

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